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Classes for Adults and Children Over 5

Carrie teaches the art of mosaic to both children and adults. Classes start at $75 per person with a 5 person minimum for private group lessons. Classes can be held via Zoom, at your site, or in Carrie's studios in Bordentown and Brant Beach, NJ.  


Specialized classes are offered for individuals with disabilities. Carrie's Mosaics is an approved provider through the NJDDD Self-Directed Program. Sessions are available in person and remotely via Zoom. Curriculum is tailored to meet the needs of each individual enrolled. Carrie uses teaching strategies that enable her students to overcome disabilities and maximize their creative potential.


Personal items, such as jewelry, china, sea glass, and seashells can be incorporated into your mosaic. Individual or group projects are available. In 2021, Carrie's Mosaics students are participating in two global mosaic murals in Cincinnati and Pennsylvania. For more information, please email 

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